All our days are precious! For our everyday health and beauty, 'Once in a Moon'

Once in a Moon is a caring brand that cares for the beauty and empathizes with the health issues experienced by young women at work, providing various products and experiences for their beautiful health.

  • Beauty&Health Mate

    A beauty and health mate for that day for women who need a break even under busy workloads and daily life concerns.

  • Beauty Caring

    Takes care of the roughness and skin problems on that day and provides a solution to revitalize the skin

  • Health Caring

    Use of reliable ingredients via KGCs ’know-how established over years and years

Beauty&Health Mate

Healthy & beauty on that day made by KGC. Your beauty and health mate, Once in a Moon

Various changes come to a woman’s body and mind once a month. For women who need a break even under busy workloads and daily life concerns, Once in a Moon will be your beauty and health mate for that day.

Beauty Caring

More beautiful on that day.

Once in a Moon pays attention to the delicate balance for women who undergo changes in body and mind every 28 days through intensive and trouble-focused care to give you healthy beauty even on that day.
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Health Caring

Healthier on that day.

We give healthy beauty to women even on that day.
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Key Products

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Moon Mate

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Worry Wash

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No More Hide

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