120 Years of History

what everyone wants, Health and beauty

KGC has been working tirelessly to achieve the wishes of the people for the past 120 years. Now we are working to go further to reach people all over the world.


Chapter 1. 120 years of history

Seeds of trust sown over 120 years.

1899 was an important starting point in the history of Korean red ginseng and the moment when the industry began through the establishment of the Samjeonggwa department for ginseng, the ancestor to KGC, inside the palace of the Korean Empire.

  • Established as Samjungkwa under Naejangwon in Gungnaebu of the Korean Empire (36th year of Emperor Gojong)

  • Completed construction of the largest Korean ginseng manufacturing facility in Buyeo County

  • Founded Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC)

  • Opened the ‘Buyeo Ginseng Museum’

  • Launched KGC franchises

  • Second factory (Wonju Factory) completed at Korea Ginseng Factory

  • Announced ‘Vision 2025’ and published corporate anniversary book to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the ginseng business and KGC’s 20th anniversary

  • ‘KGCUS R&D center’ established presence in LA


Chapter 2. Forming roots

6 years of waiting unlocks 6 years of waiting unlocks the hidden power of Korean ginseng.

Ginseng finally comes to fruition after six years of waiting as it listens to the sound of water, the wind, and the footsteps of passers-by. KGC grows 6-year-old ginseng with rich nutrition in the perfect environments to raise it.

Over 430 safety tests over
7 sessions for a period of 8 years

Generous R&D investment for quality improvement
and globalization of red ginseng

100% contract farming using only 6-year-old ginseng

Chapter 3. For the health of mankind

Roots laid by a long tradition of inherited craftsmanship.

KGC’s manufacturing know-how and strict quality control with 120 years of tradition results in a process featuring 2 years of imparting vital energy to the soil and 6 years of caring for the ginseng for a total of 8 years, based on craftsmanship representing the honor of Korean ginseng over millennia.


Chapter 4. A soaring KGC

1000 years of history, a new shoot turning towards the world.

Exported to
countries worldwide
market share

(*Euromonitor, 2022)


KGC, a global comprehensive health company representing Korea,

is now taking the new leap forward beyond Korea for a healthy future for people all around the world