Good energy to fill every day, 'Good Base'

A small action for a healthier life! Your health mentor Good Base is here to help.

  • Original

    6-year-old Korean red ginseng, Polish Aronia, Iranian pomegranates and more The endless search for renowned ingredients

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    430 types of ingredients, safety inspections and manufacture in HACCP-certified facilities

  • Healthy

    Consistently, tastily, and easily, every day. Good energy to fill each day with the fullness of health

Renowned Ingredient

We use raw materials from renowned producing regions.

We strive to find ingredients that can be eaten with confidence and peace of mind. We have carefully selected renowned ingredients such as 6-year-old Korean red ginseng, Polish Aronia, and Iranian pomegranates.

Contract Cultivation

We practice contract cultivation for crops that are good.

The heart of the farmer to find the benefits of the land and make good crops adds to the mind behind Good Base in the finding of good ingredients.
※ Ingredients for contract cultivation are subject to change depending on supply and demand.

Strict Management

Inspections based on the strict ingredient and production management principles of JUNG KWAN JANG.

Only after passing through 430 ingredient safety tests can an ingredient be one of the raw ingredients for Good Base. We carry out strict quality control in HACCP certified facilities based on over 120 years of know-how.

Key Products

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Korean Red Ginseng With Pomegranate

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Balloon Flower Root & Pear & Smooth Loofah

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Red Ginseng-containing Elderberry Stick

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Dear Antler Velvet-containing Black Maca Stick