Management Policy

We adhere to transparent, fair principles and maintain trust while executing our business and management policies.

Consumer-Centered Management(CCM) Certification

A certification system that organizes all activities performed by a company from the consumer’s point of view. The focus on consumers allows for evaluations on whether related management activities are showing continuous improvement.

Supervision and certification

Expected effects

  • Consumer

    Receive information serving as the basis for selecting products and services, and be able to quickly and reasonably resolve problems according to the CCM operating system in the event that they occur with certified companies and consumers.

  • Company

    Raise awareness of consumer rights and interests among the CEO, executives and staff members, and constantly improve product and service levels from the consumer perspective in order to strengthen internal and external competitiveness.

  • Public

    Reduce social costs from post-dispute resolution and administrative measures, create a market with a consumer-oriented virtuous cycle that contributes to the spread of a win-win culture between the company and consumers.

CCM implementation results

  1. 1

    CCM certification

    Since its first CCM certification in 2010, KGC has been certified in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022 for seven certifications in a row.

    소비자중심경영 기업 인증서
    certificate of consumer centered management
  2. 2

    CCM hall of fame

    Since its initial certification in 2010, KGC Ginseng Corporation has become a Consumer Centered Management (CCM) certified company for 7 consecutive years and acquired the ‘Hall of Fame’ certification mark.

  3. 3

    Fair Trade Commissioner Citation

    As a Consumer Centered Management (CCM) certified company, KGC Ginseng Corporation received the '2023 Fair Trade Commissioner's Citation (CCM Hall of Fame)' for its contribution to spreading a consumer-oriented management culture and promoting consumer rights.


    Source: “CCM certification overview”, Korea Consumer Agency,

Ethical management and future direction

KGC holds the belief that transparent and ethical management is the foundation of sustainable growth, and by taking impartial and fair values as our top priority and putting this into practice, we pledge to continue and develop our management philosophy based on the principles of “the right company”, “an awake company”, and “a company that is with you”.

Partners · competitors
Shareholders · investors
Country · society
  • Country · society
    • Compliance with laws and regulations
    • Social responsibility
  • Customers
    • Customer-centered decision making
    • Providing reliably products/services
    • Customer value creation
  • Shareholders · investors
    • Increased corporate value
    • Pursue value maximization
    • Establish relationship of mutual trust
  • Partners · competitors
    • Grant fair trade opportunities
    • Pursue mutual development
  • Company
    • Respect for dignity
    • Provide fair opportunities
    • Fair treatment
    • Safe working environment
  • Employees
    • Fair performance of duties
    • Pursue change and innovation
    • Employee attitude

Propulsion system

Based on its ethics charter and code of ethics, KGC has established and operated an ethical management system that enhances ethical management and strengthens it in practice. For this, we have established and implemented an ethics charter and code of ethics based on correct behavior and value judgment standards that all executives and employees must comply with.

  • Code of Conduct
    providing standards of conduct based on corporate philosophy
  • Code of ethics
    Standards of conduct to be kept by employees

Ethical management program

KGC is establishing a culture of ethical management by continuously operating ethical practice pledges and ethical management education for all employees.

  1. 1

    Ethical practice pledges

    Through the ethical practice pledges, all employees pledge to familiarize themselves with the code of ethics and to lead by example in actively participating in ethical management.

  2. 2

    Ethical management education

    In order to enhance understanding of ethical management and to practice ethical management with all employees, we cultivate ethical awareness through in-house online training.