Introducing Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC), a company that creates a healthier tomorrow.


Introducing Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC), a company that creates a healthier tomorrow.

KGC rises as a global health company, standing by its values even in times of change.Starting out as Samjungkwa under the Gungnaebu of the Korean Empire in 1899, Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) was established in 1999 to continue the Korean ginseng history and traditions which span over 120 years, and carry on the pride as Korea’s leading ginseng company. Having taken the health of the Korean people as our own responsibility for many years, we now strive to become a global health company that brings health and beauty to all around the world.

Business Areas

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Having been responsible for the health of customers for a long time, health has not only become a symbol of trust but also the foundation of KGC.

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Beauty is the fruit of innovation based on KGC traditions, and we offer customers healthy beauty in everyday life according to their needs.

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Vision 2025

Total Health-Care
Solution Provider

A World-Class Global Health & Beauty (H&B) Corporation

3 Strategic Directions

Leading Change
Pursuing Diffusion

Mid- To Long-Term Vision


Secure global H&B Biz business structure

  • DomesticStrengthen leadership within the health functional food market
  • GlobalEstablish success model and growth foundation
  • New BusinessGo full-scale in the functional ingredients and cosmetics businesses

Accelerate global H&B Biz growth

  • Expand business potential of functional materials / ingredients other than red ginseng
  • Expand consumption base and enter into high growth phase
  • Expand H&B and new materials / ingredients business

Take the leap and transform into a global health company

  • Succeed in securing a place in the health brand market
  • Establish a global integrated distribution network
  • Focus on fourth industry-related investment (C&D)
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Greetings from the CEO

Korea Ginseng Corporation seeks to fulfill the highest value of promoting a healthy and beautiful life for humanity!

As Korea’s leading red ginseng company, Korea Ginseng Corporation is creating a history of tradition and premium ginseng products.

Founded in 1899, during the reign of King Gojong, KGC first began as Gungnaebu Samjeonggwa, installed to supervise the production of ginseng and red ginseng products. During its 120-year history, KGC has grown thanks to the trust and affection from its wide customer base. Despite countless risks and hardships, KGC continue its effort to live up to its mission of helping customers lead healthy lives.

Korea Ginseng Corporation maintains the contract cultivation system to systematically supervise the ginseng production system. It produces ginseng products from clean ingredients, which are thoroughly managed via a strict food ingredient history management system and various quality control systems. Through these efforts, KGC maintains a high level of product quality and safety. In addition, the company continues to invest R&D to provide customers with a diverse range of product and services.

Besides red ginseng products, KGC works to diversify health supplement ingredients, in addition to engaging in beauty product and service projects, strengthening e-business platforms, and expanding global business plans. Responding to the changing times and customer demands, KGC is growing into a Comprehensive Global Health & Beauty Company working to enhance the health and beauty of people around the world.

Korea Ginseng Corporation will withstand the rapidly changing business environment by maintaining a steadfast intent to provide healthier and more beautiful lifestyles for humanity, leading innovation and taking on the various challenges. KGC will continue walking the righteous path to create a healthier and more beautiful tomorrow.

Thank you.

Kim Jae-su
CEO, Korea Ginseng Corporation

Business Philosophy

An Honest Company

  • A company that follows social norms and principles
  • A company that practice future-oriented management

A Conscious Company

  • A company aimed towards self-change and self-innovation
  • A company that continuously pursues an enterprising and creative corporate culture

A Company That Grows Together

  • A company that creates the greatest rewards and value for customers, shareholders, and employees
  • A company that fulfill social responsibilities and contribute to public interest

Core Values

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    People are the source of corporate growth and we grow together by securing and nurturing good talent.

  • 2

    Spirit Of Challenge

    With the right problem awareness and by adopting a creative problem-solving approach, we foster change through passion and commitment.

  • 3


    We produce continuous results through rapid execution and by seeking the truth from facts.

  • 4

    Mutual Cooperation

    We pursue global business optimization through mutual respect, consideration and open communication.

  • 5


    We create value for customers by thinking from their perspective and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • 6


    We fulfill our social responsibilities and obligations by practicing transparent, ethical management and sharing.