Online Virtual Tour

Buyeo Factory & Ginseng Museum

Visit the 360º Online Tour Center to explore the Buyeo Factory,
which makes the best products by craftsmanship,
and the Ginseng Museum that keeps the tradition of Korea ginseng.

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Wonju Factory & PR Center

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360° Experience Guide

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    Turn on the sound and enjoy a more immersive experience.

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    Drag the screen to enjoy 360º freely.

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Experiencing the history and value of Korea ginseng

Ginseng Museum

With more than 120 years of history, Korea Ginseng Corporation has been operating more than 270 pyeong of Ginseng Museum since 2004 to promote Korea ginseng's history and excellence. Experience the legacy of Korean ginseng kept by Korea Ginseng Corporation in the Online Tour Center of Ginseng Museum.

Containing the craftsmanship of Korea Ginseng Corporation

Buyeo Factory

CheongKwanJang continues to be at the top as a world-class luxury product because of the craftsmanship and technology of Buyeo Factory. Meet the traditional-based craftsmanship and technological innovation at the Online Tour Center of Buyeo Factory.