The New Brand Identity

Presenting JungKwanJang‘s new brand identity: a combination of our company’s name in English and a symbolic red line.
The red line represents our vision to become a global total healthcare solution, surpassing our current position as the No. 1 ginseng brand.
The simplicity of this straight line also represents our commitment to the rigorous standards we implement
in order to deliver high-quality products – from the soil to our customers’ well-being – while embodying the core value of trust.

Brand Slogan

From the soil to our
customers’ health,
we aim to provide
top-quality solutions.

All life begins with earth,
because all energy is rooted in the earth.
From quality soil sprouts high-quality materials, and with these materials, we can create effective solutions.
It is these solutions that allow us to live happy, healthy lives.
Our goal is to maximize value at every step of the production process through the standards we have set, creating sustainable health for our customers with the benefits provided by nature.

The Standard for Fertile Soil

“JungKwanJang’s rigorous standards
start right from the soil.”

We thoroughly manage our base component,
red ginseng, through contract cultivation to
guarantee safe, high-quality goods.

The Standard for Proper Materials

“JungKwanJang carefully selects materials
that are connected to nature.”

We choose naturally-derived, high-quality materials,
with care drawing upon our extensive accumulated
expertise and dedicated focus on ginseng. Our stringent
standards ensure that only exceptional and safe materials
are selected.


The Standard for the Top Quality

“JungKwanJang guarantees unparalleled quality
through a harmonious blend of ancient oriental
wisdom and cutting-edge modern science.”

We pride ourselves on our thorough quality and safety
management, and we are continuously conducting
research and development to guarantee efficacy,
technology, and safety.


The Standard for a Vibrant Life

“JungKwanJang aims to provide a healthy
and vibrant life for people across the globe.”

We are expanding from the world of ginseng to become a total
healthcare solution provider; from being the No. 1 Korean
ginseng brand to becoming a global guardian of health.
Looking at the bigger picture, we are introducing nature’s benefits
into everyday well-being.
Our vision for a healthy lifestyle is designed to support people in
taking back their physical, mental, and social balance,
and to enrich their daily lives so they can live comfortably.


Nature-oriented JungKwanJang

Designing solutions in line with
nature is the most scientifically
valid approach.

In Asia, people have long considered themselves as
“children of nature,” and felt that the best way to stay
healthy is to deeply connect with nature and follow its laws.
Drawing from oriental medicine practices that have been
protecting people’s health for thousands of years,
JungKwanJang has been developing the Asian wisdom of
extracting benefits from nature and pairing it with modern
science to provide the safest and most effective health
solutions, offering a healthier tomorrow for humanity.


Creating harmony between
humans and nature.

We aim to share the value and ethos of sustainable well-being,
fostering harmony between humans and nature, body and mind,
and between everyone coexisting in this world together.