Social Contribution

By sharing healthier values, we create a heartwarming world.


Social Contribution

KGC creates a healthier world in hand with our customers and society.

KGC creates a healthy and heartwarming world by sharing social values and love through various social contribution activities.

CSR Vision

To be a leading CSR company that creates healthy values for our customers and society

KGC CSR Values

Health Promotion
Healthy Responsibility
Healthy Participation
A Healthy Fund

Health Promotion

A Healthy Military
“We protect the health of our military officers and the immunity of our nation.”
KGC helps create a bright future for soldiers by supporting character building / career training programs for military personnel.
A Healthy Gift
“We will be alongside everyone till the day when everyone is healthy.”
We conduct regular donations of CheongKwanJang products to the underprivileged and urgently supply products in the event of a national disaster. We will continue to work hard to help those in the blind spots of healthcare.
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Healthy Responsibility

Community Connection Program
“We help young shoots grow healthy roots.”
The growth of KGC was made possible by the faith and love of all. We provide musical instruments and necessary items to the community children centers under our community program. In this way, the community grows which in turn forms the basis for the growth of the company and we strive to establish this virtuous cycle structure.
Mutual Cooperation
“We take lead in spreading the values that we have created together.”
By establishing a mutual cooperation fund for farming and fishing villages, helping partners to improve their production capabilities, and linking online sales to offline businesses to build a win-win relationship with franchises, we strive to achieve mutual growth across KGC’s entire value chain from manufacturing to distribution.
Please, Hong Yi!
“Cleanliness should not be a luxury and we hope to share this with the world.”
Hong Yi Jang Gun (Captain Hong Yi) is here to offer health, dreams and hopes to all children around the world
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Healthy Participation

Employee Volunteering
“Each and every one of us will put in a little effort to make this world a better place.”
Our company and employees work together to support community development. Our volunteer team mainly engages in community service with community service centers and branch offices found in areas under our community program (Wonju, Buyeo, Seoul, Daejeon).
From 2011 to 2019
9,843 man-days, a total of 33,428 service hours
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A Healthy Fund

CheongKwanJang Fund
“Happiness doubles when it is shared.”
A collection of small amounts voluntarily given by our employees, the fund serves as a foundation to make the world a better place. It is made up of voluntary employee donations and used for various social contribution activities where fund expenditures are matched by the company one-to-one, etc.