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Wonju Factory & PR Center

Visit the 360º Online Tour Center to find Wonju Factory leading
the standards of advanced red ginseng manufacturing technology
and the Wonju Factory PR Center that introduces Korea Ginseng Corporation.

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Buyeo Factory & Ginseng Museum

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360° Experience Guide

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    Turn on the sound and enjoy a more immersive experience.

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    Drag the screen to enjoy 360º freely.

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Experiencing the tradition and innovation of KGC

PR Center

The Wonju Factory PR Center introduces Korea Ginseng Corporation's rooted history and tradition, and the blooming future and innovation through a variety of contents. Take a quick look at the past, present, and future of Korea Ginseng Corporation at the Wonju Factory Online Tour Center.

Leading the innovative advanced manufacturing technology

Wonju Factory

Innovations are always made in Wonju Factory such as ‘Red Ginseng Extract Everytime', ‘Red Ginseng Tonic', and ‘HWA AE RAK,’ which created a new trend in health functional foods. Discover the innovation of the Wonju Factory, which leads and trends in cutting-edge manufacturing technology, at the Online Tour Center.