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Collection and use of personal information

  • 1. Purpose of collecting and using personal information
    • Contact Us collects and uses personal information to provide receipt, processing, and post-management services. Personal information collected will not be used for any purpose other than the specified purpose and will be notified in advance for consent when the purpose of collection is changed.
    • A. Service use and counseling
  • 2. Personal information items collected
    • A. Essential items: e-mail address, Contact Us entries (title, content)
    • B. Automatic collection items: User Agent (browser information) and Internet Protocol (IP) addresses can be automatically generated and collected.
  • 3. Personal information retention and utilization period: 1 year
    • In principle, Contact Us destroys personal information without delay if the personal information retention period has expired or the purpose of processing has been achieved.
  • ※ You may refuse to consent to the collection of personal information, but in this case, there may be restrictions on the use of services provided by the company.

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