Research areas


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Major achievements

To lead the globalization of the K-food red ginseng, KGC continues to develop products exclusively designed for local market that meet country-specific consumer characteristics and market trends, with technical and practical supporting capabilities necessary for export and registration.

Product development

  • •Development of overseas red ginseng products
  • •US low acid regulated products

Health functional food / over-the-counter registration

  • •EU red ginseng powder drug registration
  • •ISO red ginseng manufacturing process registration
  • •Chinese health food registration (red ginseng extract, etc.)
  • •Hongkong(SAR) pCm registration (red ginseng extract tablets, etc.)
  • •Russian BAS registration (HWAL-GI-DAN, etc.)
  • •Taiwan health food registration (Jong Sam Jung Everytime, etc.)


  • •Overseas local clinical research (US, China, Taiwan, etc.)