Research areas


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Major achievements

Utilizing KGC resources, we develop exclusive red ginseng and natural ingredients, and build the foundation for sustainable growth through scientific verification of red ginseng on the skin and the development of specialized red ginseng formulations.

Product development

  • •Product development for Donginbi

Materials development

  • •Materialization of red ginseng and natural ingredients
  • •Food and Drug Administration Recognition of ginseng/red ginseng derived materials on skin functionality.

Efficacy research

  • •Scientific verification of skin efficacy/effects of red ginseng
  • •Clinical trials (anti-aging, moisturizing, etc.)

Core technologies by product


Barrier containing high-purity, high-concentration red ginseng oil Implementation of anti-aging effect

Applicable product: Donginbi 1899 Signature Oil

Red ginseng microbiome technology

Applicable products: Donginbi Jaseng Line

Red ginseng oil wrinkle improvement functionality and red ginseng ingredients
High concentration stabilization

Applicable products: Donginbi Jin Essence, Jin Cream Silk

Red ginseng ingredient visual particle technology

Applicable products: Donginbi 1899 Watery Oil Essence, Donginbi Jaseng Original Liquid Capsule Ampoule

Technology to enhance transdermal absorption of red ginseng ingredients

Applicable product: Donginbi 1899 Watery Oil Essence

Phospholipid multi-liquid crystal capsule technology containing red ginseng ingredients