Research areas


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Major achievements

Based on the scientific data, we focus on effectiveness and efficacy of red ginseng and natural products, verification of the safety of products and ingredients, and exploration and discovery of new materials that meets the needs of consumers to get a foothold in the market


  • •Scientific and objective verification of efficacy and safety for red ginseng and natural ingredients
  • •Pre safety verification of the product and ingredients

Differentiated Research

  • •Presenting scientific evidence for necessity of balanced intake of saponin and non-saponin
  • •Differentiating from other materials and demonstrating its excellence
  • •Providing accurate information on red ginseng to institutions and consumers both at home and abroad

Ingredient development/Efficacy research

  • •Recognition of red ginseng functionalities acquired via KGRI's technology
  • •Promoting individual certified ingredients for new functional ingredients