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KGC Releases CheongKwanJang Plus at TFWA World Expo & Conference

2018. 5. 29   No. of views 860

The Korea Ginseng Corp. (KGC) participated in the 2018 TFWA World Exhibition & Conference that took place in Singapore from May 6 to May 10.
The exhibition, hosted by Tax Free World Association, takes place twice every year in Singapore and Cannes, France. The 2018 TFWA World Exhibition & Conference showcased about 3,000 kinds of premium goods from 300-odd exhibitors.
KGC participated in the 2018 TFWA World Exhibition & Conference for the second straight year with its global No.1 ginseng brand “Cheong Kwan Jang.”
KGC is based on the ginseng manufacturing expertise dating back to the times of the Goryeo Dynasty the corporation has evolved with an artisan’s spirit.
The foreign duty-free market is dominated by luxury fashion, watches and jewelry, but KGC’s participation in the exhibition is significant since Korea’s representative brand CheongKwanJang is maintaining its leadership position in the functional health food category.
CheongKwanJang Plus, targeting overseas duty-free outlets, which is tailored to meet duty-free customers’ wide range of age and health-related needs, was released by KGC during the exhibition.
CheongKwanJang Plus has a concept of family care. It comes with six kinds of products made with red ginseng’s six-year roots and natural functional raw materials. The products, designed according to functional substance needs of each sex and age, come in packages easy to carry, intake and present as gifts. “We’re accelerating efforts to expand business lines with global duty-free companies through our participation in the 2018 TFWA World Exhibition & Conference, and seizing it as an opportunity to enter the global functional health product market beyond the Asia-Pacific region,” a KGC official said.
KGC became the company to set up the largest-ever functional health food booth in the 2018 TFWA World Exhibition & Conference. The corporation held “Ginseng Cocktail Party” targeting global duty-free company officials and experts and created spaces to taste red ginseng product and publicize the brand CheongKwanJang.

A view of Hong Chun Woong Khan targeting men in andropause, released by KGC. (Photos: KGC)

Hong Chun Woong Khan Targeting Men in Andropause Hits Market Shelves
KGC put on the market the men’s new brand “Hong Chun Woong Khan” targeting men in andropause. Hong Chun Woong Khan is made with Jeong Kwan Jung six-year red ginseng roots, dandelion extracts, octacosanol, and zinc. Octacosanol and zinc are noted for improving endurance and normal immunity function & cell vision, respectively.
Added to Hong Chun Woong Khan are such adjunct raw materials as fenugreek, a kind of bush clover and Lepidium meyenii. It comes in two kinds, one tailored to manage men’s health, the other designed to cope with men’s antropause.
“Male menopause, which means a drop in male hormone levels, starts at an age of 40 or more like female menopause, but male menopause symthoms tend to be overlooked, and Hong Chun Woong Khan, the multi-functional solution for men in male menopause, is hoped to help men get the better understanding of male menopause and tiver over the symptoms,” Cha Tae-woong, KGC’s team leader, said.
It fetches 200,000 won in a package of 60 bags, each with three capsules.